NOTE: This "Game" is Still in Beta/Alpha, so all the rules below do not apply.

How To Play


You play Space Race by pressing the "play" button, of course. Then you choose a side, U.S. or Soviet Union. Your side will determine what types of tasks you have, and so on. More on that later. After you choose your side, choose a difficulty. Easy, Normal, Hard, or Freeplay. Easy is the easiest experience, Normal is the streamline difficulty, and Hard is for people who want a challenge. Freeplay is meant to let you explore without winning or losing. After that, choose the rest of your game settings. These include time, traps, real life tasks (turn this on to get prompted with real life tasks, like do 10 jumping jacks), and other tweaks to change the game. Press "Start Game", and you are all set up!


When you start you will get a prompt at the top of your screen. Press "OK" to start. You will see a timer, and a couple of stats. The first one should be "Tasks". You will see a counter of tasks, and a button that says "Run Task". If you press that, you will get an alert, depending on if you turned on real-life tasks or not. If real-life tasks are off, then it will open a new window, and have a prompt like "Find the Button". Do that task and copy-and-paste the code that it gives you once you are done. Tasks will give you "gadgets", which we will talk about later.

The next thing you need to know about is the "Missions" section. Missions is where you can find rockets and other stuff that are ready. Such as: "Suggest: Apollo 11", or "Ready: Sputnik". You can launch from this section.

The next section is the "Planning" section. This section and the "Missions" section go hand-in-hand. This is where you see avaliable missions, and some that may have a risk. You can plan missions, even risky ones, here. Ex.: "Risky (sufficient resources): Apollo 11. Mission: First Man on the Moon. Codename: "Crater".". (Missions will have codenames for another section, the "intel" section).

The next section is "Terminal". The Terminal will spit out commands like "Launch "Sputnik" has failed" (NOTE: you can turn off codenames in the Setup section, but to make it less confusing in these instructions, we will pretend codenames are off). If you turn Intel Ops in the setup, the Terminal may contain false intel from your opposition.

The section underneath that is the "Intel" section. Intel contains all of the info you have discovered about the opponent.