This is my log... blog?... for what updates and more that I add.

ALPHA 2 - 11/19/2020 2:18 PM - ...a post hooray

Yes, yes, good job to all those who found the easter egg that used to be on this page. I just wanted to address some things I did.

  1. Updated the download on the Neocities repository.
    Yes, I made the download actually work courtesy of MediaFire. Since I am not a premium supporter of NeoCities, where I freely hosted this game so it could be download free, I cannot add sounds or the .zip folder. But today I made it possible to download the lag-free, soundful, complete, and unscuffed version for free. I will update it as frequently as I can.

  2. Worked on tasks
    No Among Us references, but in the game you can see a new "Tasks" section. I have all the functions, but haven't hooked them up or revised them.

  3. D E B U G
    Yesterday, articlectually, I debugged some big problems in the game.

Right now I am also working on a download archive while there are still few versions.

That's it for this post, cya.